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I’m a Freelance Graphic Designer and Social Media Expert living in rural San Diego County, California with my son. I love to “design from the inside” by learning as much about my client’s world as I can so that my visual solutions reflect their identity.

I enjoy designs that put images or words in new contexts, usually to encourage new thinking about social issues. I believe that the process is as important as the product. I design using Adobe Creative Suite 5 (Photoshop, Illustrator) and love to code websites “by hand” and with Adobe (Dreamweaver, Muse).

I grew up drawing by hand, and before I even knew that “graphic designer” was something a person could be, I had created original drawings, logos, and other promotional designs for friends. I love being creative so much that most of my “down time” is spent making collages, montages, sculpture, and other recycled art from “found objects.” I feel I do the same in graphic design, often using a symbol in a new recycled way to reinvent it!

After high school, I attended San Francisco State University for several years, earning a BA in Humanities (Art History) and an MA in Education. Throughout all of this schooling, I still spent much of my free time drawing, sketching, and painting. I especially enjoyed creating realistic 3D art and illustration, working both in pencil and acrylics.

During my last semester of graduate school, I begin opportunities to work with many dot-coms — and later for big name companies — as an Instructional Designer creating online courses using my own writing and art skills. I was exposed to an incredible process that often began with hand drawings and physical objects being photographed or scanned, and creating graphics from those real-world sources rather than entirely within the computer. This process and revelation continues to inspire my designs today.

Personally, I design logos and graphics for diverse projects ranging from social activism community groups, to my friend’s bands’ CD covers. I have uploaded original designs to custom printing sites, and have designed product labels. When I’m not designing things, I work as an independent social media marketing consultant. In my spare time, I make gourmet vegetarian treats and doodle.

jtariah-buddha-version1 jtariah-enlightened-chakra-1 jtariah-leafdrip-1 jtariah-female-silouette-1 jtariah-chakras-1 jtariah-earth-fractal-1 jtariah-chakra-silouette-1      707shiphome akashiclibrary physicalstargatedelic

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